Lighting Control & Energy Management Systems

Lighting control systems are becoming very popular for medium to large homes and commercial spaces.

They offer convenience, security and energy savings.

Imagine arriving home at night and your driveway and outdoor lights are already lit.

Create just the right light for any activity or set moods in specific areas of your home or workspaces, all at the touch of a button.

As you disarm the alarm before entering your home: the "welcome home scene" automatically illuminates a series of lights throughout the home, gentle pools of light warm the hallways and passage way to the kitchen.

Essentially having key entry points as well as exterior lights light up to provide safety and a welcoming feeling.

You can control every lighting circuit in the home with any one button. When you go to sleep at night you can put the whole house to sleep at the touch of a "good night scene" button.

The system has a built in astronomical time clock that knows when sunrise and sunset are. The security and outdoor lights can be automatically triggered at Sunset and turned off at sunrise.

The lighting control system can be integrated with motion sensors which can be used to trigger lights to come on in bathrooms, dressing rooms, pantries and passageways. When no motion is detected lights will automatically dim down or switch off.

If the alarm goes off it can trigger a "security scene" that turns on certain lights inside and outside the home. Going away, make your home look occupied even though you are not there.

Every light circuit in the home is connected and can be controlled or triggered based on different scenarios. Moods and scenes can be set to not only enhance your dinner evenings but dimming back your lights by 20% not only saves electricity but will increase lamp life, a power and cost saving.

Light scenes can easily be triggered with a single button or can be linked to an event or even time based.

The convenience and value of a well-designed lighting layout coupled with a quality lighting control system goes beyond the day by day operation in a home or business.

Lighting control is all about convenience, ambience, energy efficiency and the added security a smart lit home brings, ultimately an investment in your living and work spaces.

Let's us brighten up your life!