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We are proud distributors of these brands

Founded in 2006 Aeotec is a leading Chinese manufacturer of Zwave IoT (Internet Of Things) controllable switches, modules, sensors and sockets for commercial & residential applications. For wireless Home automation, wireless lighting control, wireless security and more. Aeotec is a scalable, affordable & easy to install solution.

Olibra is the company behind Bond. They are a team of entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, dedicated to making the smart home more meaningful and enduring. They manufacture affordable control modules to wirelessly connect ceiling fans, fireplaces, blinds, shades and many other IR or RF controllable devices to their smartphone app, your voice or 3rd party control systems..

Based in Seattle Washington USA, Audio Control have been designing & manufacturing award-winning high-fidelity electronics for over 40 Years. Their Home Cinema electronics, room correction & digital Signal processing is incredible. AudioControl amplifiers & processors offer the best build & sound quality that are hard to beat at the price. .

The BlueBOLT IP Power Management platform owned by Nortek Security and Control enables monitoring, controlling and programming of compatible Furman power management devices remotely from anywhere in the world. It reduces service calls with remote reboots of problem devices. It maximizes network health with scheduled power cycles, Auto-heals network devices to save money & time. It Empowers installers to monitor, manage and support their customers remotely.

ELAN Home Systems was founded in 1989 & is part of Nortek Security & Control LLC based in California USA. They are a global leader in smart connected home automation, automated connectivity solutions and devices for residential and commercial spaces. Their products and cutting edge technology has been installed a multitude of prestigious homes and projects around Southern Africa and Internationally. The Elan user experience, facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice control technology has won numerous prestigious awards for innovation and their intuitive simple to use experience..

Furman is a Nortek Security & Control Company based in California USA. For over 40 years they have design and manufactured the best lightning, power surge protection, power filtration and power management products. The products are non-sacrificial and have been proven in 10’s of thousands of residential and professional installations to save equipment after multiple Lightning strikes or surges. Their patented technologies enhance the longevity, audio & video performance of connected equipment.

Hikvision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CCTV surveillance cameras, access control & thermal imaging products & solutions. Their products are used in hundreds & thousands of installations worldwide. They employ over 40 000 staff of which half are R&D engineers. Their technology includes facial recognition, video intelligence technology, Fever temperature screening solutions with mask wearing detection, vehicle number plate recognition, Artificial intelligence (Ai), People counting for stores & health & safety regulations. Hikvision went public in May, 2010, and is listed on SMEs Board at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Founded in 2000 Intesis is owned HMS Networks a market leader in solutions for industrial communication and the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT. They design and manufacture communication gateways, interfaces, products and solutions for residential and building automation. These link to HVAC systems to control heating & cooling & are used in thousands of homes and buildings worldwide, saving time, money, energy and the environment.

Krix are Australia´s premier manufacturer of consumer stereo, home cinema and commercial cinema loudspeaker systems. Krix cinema speakers have been installed in cinema multiplexes for over 35 years and feature in over 3500 commercial cinemas in more than 30 countries worldwide. Utilising patented horn technology with sophisticated driver and crossover engineering, Krix are in a unique position to deliver these technologies to residential environments, providing the ultimate cinema experience - real cinema at home!

Owned by Legrand ,Luxul is the leading innovator of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation and IT professionals. Networks are the nerve centre and foundation of the technology in your home & business. Luxul is designed for use in both residential & commercial environments with a no compromise approach. They provide a full range of solutions including Wireless access points, controllers, switches and routers that simplify network design & deployment. For simple installation, unparalleled support & 3 year warrantees choose a trusted brand like Luxul.

Based in Florida USA Metra have been providing products and custom installation solutions for decades. Their leading technology in HDMI problem saving tools and high-quality cables have helped many installers solve problems no one else could. Metra work closely with DPL labs in the USA and are always at forefront of HDMI technology, preparing installers for the future. Their installer educational programs help educate installers on understanding and how to overcome the challenges that HDMI distribution brings. Metra products are future ready for you.

NETIO is a Czech Republic manufacturer of smart power sockets that can be IP controlled on site or in the cloud from anywhere in the world. The power distribution units (PDU) are built to last with NETIO’s robust industrial design & proprietary switching technology. Products feature energy management, sequence reboots, IP ping self-healing and seamless integration and customization of software API’s for customized control and integration with 3rd party systems. Products are installed in numerous residential & industrial projects. Their products can be found in demonstration booths, wind power plants, hospitals, and many other ICT, M2M and IoT applications.

Niles have been defining and manufacturing custom installation products and solutions for over 40 years. They provide multiroom distributed audio amplifiers, architectural ceiling & outdoor weatherproof speakers. Their georealistic rock speakers, pot-planter speakers & buried subwoofers sound great for the garden. Niles enable custom installers to design and install systems that deliver exceptional entertainment solutions for their customers. Niles is one d by Nortek Security & Control based in Carlsbad California USA.

Premium High Definition Solutions (PhD Solutions) is a manufacturer of HDMI high definition connectivity products for digital signage, commercial, broadcast, residential, audio visual, smart home automation, IT, military, healthcare and security markets. Their products are manufactured with the latest technology, HDMI ESD surge protection and highest quality parts in the UK, Taiwan and China. Their no compromise build and quality assurance processes have ensured that their products and solutions are reliable. The products have proven themselves over several years in Africa in some of the harshest electrical storm environments and are now confidently installed and trusted by installers in the region.

Rako is a trusted UK manufacturer with over 20 years of experience and is a leading brand in smart lighting solutions. Their innovative technologies and intuitive designs seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, enhancing the way you control and experience lighting. With tailored solutions for every space, they deliver cutting-edge products that create the perfect ambiance.Their products are installed in many prestigious projects around the world, including luxury homes, yachts, hotels, apartments, offices, stores, and buildings. Their advanced LED dimming technologies ensure an elegant and reliable solution. Let Rako Controls illuminate your world.

Located in Suffolk England Screen Excellence design and manufacture the highest quality acoustically transparent woven projection screens. For high end private cinema and film production studio installations. Their expert knowledge of audio-visual technology and experience have made them market leaders. IF you want to install the best possible home cinema. Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screens are the only option. They are easy to install and guarantee the truest possible home cinema experience. Nothing else comes close.

SineTamer manufacture transient surge protection devices for industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are manufactured in the USA and protect sensitive electronic equipment from failure due to micro spikes, lightning and power surges. Their industrial strength, military spec performance and proven track record protecting thousands of companies around the world like BMW,Coca Cola,Miller & Chevron make this the perfect smart home automation lightning and surge protection product available.

Smartbus is a lighting control system manufacturer of robust wired bus products. They manufacture smart dimmers, relays, switches, sensors and keypads.Their systems can be used in stand alone applications or tied into 3rd party control systems. which are used in residential, hospitality and commercial installations around the world.

SpeakerCraft have been manufacturing Architectural speakers for over 40 years. They product a comprehensive range of frameless in wall speakers, in ceiling speakers, Outdoor weatherproof garden speakers and subwoofers. SpeakerCraft Aim2 technology is a world first and directs sound where you aim it. Their speakers are used in residential and commercial applications around the world. SpeakerCraft is a Nortek Security & Control Company

Launched in 1994 Sunfire manufacture speakers with a Little-Loud & Luxurious approach. Incorporating technologies by Bob Carver who invented and patented unconventional technologies , which allow his speakers to produce incredible sound quality, Big controlled bass and incredible sound pressure from a small elegant form factor. If you are looking for discreate beautiful speakers with unrivalled performance Sunfire is the brand for you. Sunfire is owned by Nortek Security & Control based in Carlsbad California.

Ezlo is a manufacturer of the Vera Zwave wireless smart home hub. The Vera hubs are affordable and work with most Zwave wireless, sensors, dimmers, switches and repeaters. The free Vera app allows you easily connect and configure your smart home devices and setup scenarios for control and monitoring of your smart home automation system. The Vera hubs can also be used for commercial applications, MDU’s, apartments and homes for affordable, wireless smart home automation.

Founded in 2002 Global Cache’ is a USA designer & manufacturer of IP to (IR) Infra-red, IP to (RS232) serial, IP to relay, IP to sense and IP to HDMI modules. These are used for I/O connectivity between control systems, IoT’s and other software platforms.

For over 20 years Gallo has been synonymous with spherical loudspeaker design. Their acclaimed products are designed around spheres, thus eliminating resonance and internal diffraction, the two main causes of loudspeaker distortion. They produce the world’s finest compact speaker systems, blending real hi-fi performance with contemporary industrial design, wrapped up in an installation and decor-friendly package – guaranteed to deliver exceptional, expansive sound to spaces large and small.

Lithe is a dynamic and forward-thinking audio company based in the UK, specialising in wireless audio technologies for the residential and hospitality sectors. They provide a comprehensive range of active Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ceiling speakers, with innovation at the core. They integrate with some of the world's leading smart home brands, including Apple, Amazon, Google, ELAN, Nice, and Control4, to name a few. This helps clients take advantage of today's and tomorrow's audio landscape.

Xantech are a USA manufacturer of Infra-red , HDMI distribution and connectivity products and solutions for the commercial and residential markets. Xantech is a Nortek Security & Control Company.

Established in 1993, Nice is a global leader in home automation, security, and smart home solutions. Our products automate gates, garage doors, sun shades, parking facilities, and more for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Operating in over 100 countries with 24 branches worldwide, 14 production plants, and 13 R&D centers, they deliver Made in Italy excellence. Their products blend technology, design, innovation, and user-friendliness. In 2021 they acquired Nortek Security & Control LLC, adding brands like ELAN Home Systems, Furman, Niles, SpeakerCraft, Sunfire, Panamax, Gefen, and 2Gig to their portfolio, strengthening thier global leadership in smart home and building automation.

A French company designing and manufacturing Immersive Sound Processors and Power Amplifiers for High-End Home Theaters. Since 2011, when Dolby and Auro Technologies introduced immersive audio, they've been dedicated to bringing quality cinema sound into homes. Over 5 years, they developed a flexible, future-proof architecture on their processors allowing for future upgrades. Their products are in over 30 countries, powering 1000+ high-end installations. At StormAudio, they're committed to delivering the ultimate cinema experience to homes worldwide.

Zappiti are a French company who manufacture high quality media players. These are used in commercial and home cinema applications for storing and playback of your movie and music collections. The midrange and high end players are built with the highest quality components for incredible audio and videophile performance.

When Zappiti closed in 2023, R_Volution are a French company who took over manufacturing high quality media players. The Zappiti players can be linked to R-Volution cloud for updated data. R-Volution Players are used in commercial and home cinema applications for storing and playback of your movie and music collections. The midrange and high end players are built with the highest quality components for incredible audio and videophile performance.