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Smart Security Solutions

ELAN Making Technology Simple,Elegant & Intelligent

Smart Home Security Systems

Peace of Mind at home or away

Security is a high priority in our country.

 Does your current security system ramp up the lights when the alarm is triggered?

Does it flash the exterior lights to alert the neighbours and security company?

Our systems add intelligence to better protect your investment and your family, plus it allows you to remotely check on the cameras and arm/disarm your alarm system. 

The ELAN system can also notify you on your smartphone if there is problem or an alarm is triggered. 

Get a notification to let you know when a family member arrives home and disarms the alarm.

security system

ELAN advanced security monitoring with Ai(Artificial Intelligence)

The ELAN Smart surveillance system is so simple to configure & operate as its built right into the Elan user experience

Intelligent ELAN CCTV surveillance cameras with built in video analytics can easily be integrated into the system.

 The ELAN smart cameras can detect a person or vehicle & trigger an alarm, lights or any event required.

They can notify you if a vehicle pulls up to your driveway or send you a notification on your phone. The ELAN Smart NVR (Network Video recorder) will record & playback multiple cameras.

The smart cameras can be set to record on motion, a person or a vehicle. No more recordings of animals, shadows or trees moving in the wind causing false alarms. 

The ELAN Smart surveillance system is easy to configure or operate as it’s built right into the Elan user experience , making it simple to use. 

While at home, away or from anywhere in the world, all this can be done from your PC/MAC, Android phones or tablets, iPad, iPhone, touchscreen, remote control or off a simple menu on your TV screen.

ELAN Cameras Have Privacy Masking

Set what you want your cameras to record when you want to !

The ELAN cameras also have a feature called privacy masking, this feature lets the homeowner or installer setup blanking blocks that block out the entire video or parts of the video on CCTV cameras around the home when required. 

It’s an important feature, as sometimes CCTV surveillance cameras are installed in private areas like dressing areas, indoor areas like kitchens, entrance halls, babies rooms and playrooms to monitor kids and pool/jacuzzi areas. 

With home automation, the cameras can be monitored within or remotely outside the home & they record onto the NVR (Network Video recorder) for convenient playback & search.