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Rent to Own

Affordable Personalised Finance Options 

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Perfect Smart Home

Why wait or compromise, when affordable options are available now!

Let us entertain you with an NICE-ELAN distributed multiroom AV system, streaming music, movies and TV around your home.

With rent to own options you can now find the right system for you and your family.

There are so many things to consider putting into the home and they all add up financially. Systems sometimes have to be cut back or done in stages.

With our rent to own solutions you can get the system
you want at a managable, affordable price.

Available now for:

Your Smart Home Automation System
Your Distributed Multiroom AV System
Your Surround Sound System
Your own Private Cinema

Finance is done over 36,48 or 60 months and you receive ownership of your system at the end of the term.

-You will never have to deal with a call center and will be assigned a direct account manager.
- You only start paying once monies are allocated.

- If you are building or renovating, monies can be paid out in tranches as required, just like a building bond and you pay pro rata as your installation progresses

Get a quote from an NICE-ELAN certified custom installer in your area today!

Rent to own

Rent to own examples

A complete NICE-ELAN multiroom music system distributed to 6 zones with 6 pairs of in-ceiling speakers, with iPad and smartphone control.

VALUED AT: R150,000.00 (installed) 
APPROX COST PER MONTH: R3,506.00 (over 60 months)

A complete NICE-ELAN smart home automation system for a 5 bedroomed home with automated lighting control, distributed music to 6 zones, HDTV distributed to 4 areas ,
8 CCTV cameras with NVR recorder, Enterprise quality WIFI and wired network.

VALUED AT: R550,000.00 (installed) 
 R12,180.00 (over 60 months)

7.1 Surround sound system with a 75” LED TV.

VALUED AT: R200,000 (installed) 
APPROX COST PER MONTH: : R4,576.00 (over 60 months)

9.4.1 Immersive private home cinema with 140” Projection screen, Projector, lighting control, Cinema seating.

VALUED AT: R650,000 (installed) 
APPROX COST PER MONTH: R14,395.00 (over 60 months)


Want to upgrade a system?

No problem let us put you in contact with an NICE-ELAN professional who can assist with a quote and get you in touch with a rent to own solution.

The 5 step application process is simple & FREE

1. Get in touch with us so we can arrange for an approved installer to quote you on your personalised system.
2. Once you are happy with your quote, your installer will direct you back to us so we can get your application going.
3. We will email you the application form, instructions and put you in touch with your personal finance manager at the finance company.
4. If all the requested information is provided, you will get an answer back on your approval rating within 48 hours for finance under R1 Million. For finance over R1 Million approval may take up to one week.
5. Once approved you can begin your journey to getting your system installed.

*Applications are subject to a 3rd party financial institutions’ credit approval, and their terms and conditions will apply.

*Please note these are indicative calculations and are subject to linked rate funding, and subject to finance approval by the 3rd party financial institution. Prices and solutions will be changed according to size of the room or home, the equipment selected, and the type of installation required.

The approval process and finance are done through a professional leading financial institution. They are an established independent financial services company. They can structure personalised rent to own finance options for you.

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Rent to Own


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Feel free to contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with your personal finance account manager.