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Smart Home Automation

NICE-ELAN Making Technology Simple,Elegant & Intelligent

Welcome to your NICE-ELAN connected smart home.The future is now! Today’s smart home technology brings so many lifestyle enhancing benefits , energy savings and security features to your home. 

The NICE-ELAN smart home automation system connects all your home electronics and technology into one intelligent system. 

The system combines all of your home’s lighting, heating, security, intercom, pool, curtains, blinds, irrigation, audio, visual and media into one intuitive system. 

This allows the NICE-ELAN system to automate all of the connected systems together to create the intelligence of a smart home automation system.


One Simple Smart Home App to Control it all

In today’s fast paced world where connectivity is key most savvy people now own a smartphone or tablet.

 NICE-ELAN provides Simple control. You don’t need a ton of apps cluttering your device. Just use one simple intuitive app to control and manage your home.

 Freedom of choice is yours: Our Smart home automation systems are compatible with most Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. 

From these devices you can turn off the lights, set back the thermostats, check who’s at your gate, setup your music, even arm the security system. 

Check on your loved ones , answer the door all from one intuitive NICE-ELAN app.

NICE-ELAN delivers peace of mind by giving you access to your home, right from the palm of your hand. Whether you’re across the room or across the globe your connected home experience is just one tap away.

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So simple even your grandma can use it !


Control your home with your voice, facial recognition or a simple touch. You can even let the home automatically take charge for you


“Alexa or Hey Google! Play my favourite music”


No more running around the home turning things off, or wondering if you left the kitchen light on.

Good night mode:

Are your off to bed? Just press the goodnight button and ELAN will do the rest: Arm the alarm , turn off lights, bring down the shades , close the curtains, switch off your water features, Turn off the TV’s and music systems around the home and set the night time temperature for you to get a goods nights rest.

Good Morning mode:

This can be activated to set the lighting to slowly raise up to a comfortable level, Set the morning temperature , play your favourite radio station in the bathroom or a music playlist of your choice, turn on the TV on to the morning news

Away mode:

When you leave the home you can press one button on any of your devices to set the home to “ away mode” This automatically arms the security system, turns off the TV’s and entertainment system, Turns off the air conditioning or heating and switches off the lights

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Whether you’re home or away you will always be in touch with what’s going on

The NICE-ELAN home automation system can send notifications to your smartphone or smart watch to let you know, when the alarm has been triggered, when loved ones arrive home or when someone rings your doorbell.

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Uncompromising Home Automation Cyber Security & Privacy

NICE-ELAN is one of the first home automation manufacturers that honour their customers right to privacy. 

With most other systems, the installer has the power to remotely login into the system at any time. 

This is great for remote support, but when the installer has access to your CCTV cameras around the home, it may not be welcomed by the homeowner. 

Through the NICE-ELAN app inside the home or remotely the homeowner can easily manage users & grant or remove access to the system.

 This is also useful if you have installers, house guests or house sitters that you want to grant temporary access to your home automation system.


Smart home cloud monitoring and service

The NICE Management Cloud Monitoring system is a dashboard that allows installers to monitor the health of their customers smart home automation systems.

 This allows the installer to get alerts if your system or a component in the system stops functioning.

 The Installer can then remotely log into the system and reset, repair or diagnose the system without travelling to your home. 

This allows for quick fixes, pre-emptive maintenance, upgrades, programming changes, response times and remote support. 


It all just happens auto-magically!

The whole point of installing a connected smart home automation system is to make life simpler, safer and convenient. 

The NICE-ELAN intelligent home automates most of your homes day to day activities. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have the home automatically set night time security lights to switch on in the evening, lighting up gardens, driveways and pathways, and turning them off in the morning.

 Imagine your home automatically turning on the sprinklers when needed and turning them off when it’s raining.

NICE-ELAN Smart Home automation 5 reasons video