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Home Cinema

Your own Personalised Private Cinema

Immersive Home Cinema Systems

Just add Popcorn

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own luxury private cinema at home?

 Bring the big screen cinema experience into your home with a dedicated home cinema. 

Our custom installers can create a space for you, your friends and your family to kick back, relax and enjoy an immersive surround sound experience. 

This is far better than going to the cinema to watch a movie.

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Surround Sound Home Theatre Systems

Not just for movies

Watch movies, TV, Sports or play games on the big screen in High definition surround sound Take advantage of the latest home cinema technology, like Ultra high definition 4K HDR video projected onto a wide cinema screen in 16×9 or cinematic 2.35.1 aspect ratio. 

Dolby Atmos brings a new height sound channel from speakers above you, complemented by front side and back home theatre speakers. 

Subwoofers add the bass so that you can enjoy the sound, music and effects creating a truly immersive audio-visual experience.

Surround Sound in any Room

Consider In ceiling home theatre speakers

We offer solutions that provide the best performance without compromising the décor of the room. 

Some rooms are open plan with lots of glass windows and walkways. In ceiling home cinema speakers and in wall subwoofers provide a surround sound experience in areas where floor standing speakers cannot be placed or in spaces that require a clean discreet look. 

Flat on wall or in wall lifestyle speakers will complement the space and provide spectacular sound quality.

 Our surround sound home theatre systems include discrete home cinema ceiling speakers and small, yet powerful subwoofers; these allow you to enjoy the surround sound experience without the clutter of big speakers invading the room.

Customised Home Cinema Design

Use a professional to make your dreams come true

A dedicate home cinema must be carefully planned, installed and setup by a professional custom installer as there are many elements that make up the system.

 There are many things to consider when designing and planning a dedicated home cinema: These range from room size, seating positions, viewing distance, screen type and size, projector size and type,  choice of speakers, subwoofers, surround sound processors and amplifiers, placement and type of lighting, room acoustics: placement and type of acoustic absorption and diffusion panels. With the room build your choice of materials should include isolation to avoid room rattles, keep sound in the room and outside noise out.

Consider heating and ventilation to keep you comfortable without hearing the air-conditioning system. Lighting design and control is used to create mood lighting and lighting scenes. Placement and ventilation of equipment is critical. Simple home theatre control makes the systems easy to operate. Audio and video calibration and setup is required for optimal performance of the cinema.

Get in contact with us so we can put you in touch with a professional home cinema designer today.

NICE-ELAN Easy Home Cinema Control

No more fumbling around for multiple remote controls

The NICE-ELAN Home Cinema Control System includes an elegant WIFI remote control to automate & control your home theatre experience. Easily access, movies, TV series, your gaming console or the cinema lights. Press one button and the lights dim down, the air conditioning is set, and the movie begins.

Rent to Own Home Cinema Finance

Now you can afford your own private cinema at home

Our products are tailored to suite your budget, room type, size and sound expectations. Options vary from small to medium surround sound systems in the family room to your own luxury private cinema with dedicated seating and a big screen experience.

Contact us to find out more about  affordable Rent to Own finance options.