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Home Networks

LUXUL Reliable Wired & Wireless WIFI Networks for all your Smart Devices

Home & Office Networks

Insist on a reliable, dependable, enterprise quality network for your home.

A wired and wireless infrastructure forms the “backbone and nerve centre “of your smart home automation system, which allows you to connect all of your devices to the internet and each other. 

We are living in a connected world with many devices, appliances and electronics becoming smarter and “Connected” to the internet, network and each other.

 Smart homes of today, consist of many connected devices, each requiring bandwidth from your home network. The streaming services required throughout your house need a robust, fast and reliable home network in order to perform properly. 

For multiroom audio streaming, lighting control, smart door locks, to gaming consoles and more, it is critical to invest in a rock solid, reliable network. 

Multiple users and devices streaming high definition TV, audio, movies, zoom video calls, What’s App, face time, YouTube and gaming quickly overwhelms your home network making it unstable and slow. 

Your network traffic needs to be prioritized so your experience is consistent, seamless and reliable. Your home network should be able to handle concurrently streaming movies, music, intercoms, Ip telephones, surveillance cameras, email, internet and gaming without jittering or buffering. 

We provide LUXUL enterprise quality networking products that are designed and built to enable our smart home automation systems and all the connected devices to work seamlessly together. 

We train our dealers to design and install these networks correctly as it’s critical to make sure that the home network is implemented correctly. 

The network is the foundation of your home electronics.

 Insist on a LUXUL reliable, dependable, enterprise quality network for your home. 

Welcome to this exciting digital age! 

We can get you properly connected so you won’t be left behind!