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Multiroom Distributed AV

Simple control of TV, Movies & Music around the home

Enjoy TV, Music & Movies Around Your Home

Let our systems entertain you!

Control the music or movies you want in any room at any time creating the ultimate home automation entertainment experience with simple control.

You now have so many options and choices when planning a distributed multiroom audio-visual system.

A multiroom audio-visual control system can deliver music, TV and movies to many rooms around the home from a centralised space.

Stream TV, Music & Movies Around Your Home

There’s something for everyone in the family!

You can have streaming internet radio playing in the kitchen, while watching high definition Netflix in the bedroom and stream a movie from the Apple TV to the home theatre system in the family room.

Do you want the sound without the clutter?

In ceiling speakers are aesthetically pleasing and provide a wide range of audio options for different spaces. From basic background, in ceiling surround sound, to big bass party systems.

You can have basic background music in the kitchen and big bass party music out on your patio.

Garden, outdoor and rock speakers provide incredible sound whilst remaining discretely hidden between your plants and shrubs.


Whether you’re home or away you will always be in touch with what’s going on

Hands free voice control using a Voice assistant from Amazon like Alexa or Google

Just say: “Alexa Play my favourite music on the patio” Or “ Hey Google! Turn on the news in the lounge “

Or “ Alexa start the party !”

Architectural in ceiling speakers

Out of sight out of mind

Why have on wall or floor standing speakers when you can have speakers placed discreetly in your ceiling.

Our frameless In ceiling speakers are available in various sizes & types & can be painted any colour to match your room.

Choose our background music speakers for areas like kitchens , bathrooms & dressing areas, or our high fidelity speakers in areas where you want great sound to kick back & enjoy your music.

For entertainment areas you can choose our big bass party speakers & turn it up!

Home theatre ceiling speakers are designed to be aimed from behind the grill to the listening area. In ceiling centre speakers have a dialog switch to enhance speech, while In ceiling surround sound speakers disperse the sound for greater rear and side effects.

Dolby Atmos in ceiling speakers are used for overhead effects.

We stock a wide range of frameless in ceiling speakers to cater for every room and listening requirement.

Discrete, elegant and out of site , keeping your rooms uncluttered with sound positioned where you need it.

Outdoor Garden Speakers & Subwoofers

Enjoy your music outdoors

The SpeakerCraft outdoor landscape series of speakers are great for hidden sound on the patio, in the garden, on the deck or around the pool. Small satellite speakers can be wall mounted or installed with spikes like garden lights. The subwoofer is buried under the soil with a mushroom bass port that sticks up above the soil providing hidden bass.

Niles Pot planter speakers can be painted to match the home and blend in with the surroundings.

Niles rock speakers are available in various sizes and can be placed behind plants or in a rockery.

Garden and weatherproof outdoor speakers are made to weather the storm. For discrete background music or Big Bass Party music we have speakers for all occasions.

Our speakers Rock !

Decorative Lifestyle Speakers

Quality speakers that look & sound incredible

Forget about typical box style speakers !

Gallo Spherical speakers are designed to complement your interior and exterior decor.

The round speaker enclosure design eliminates speaker distortion.

The speakers are available in 11 standard colours including Metals.

Bespoke colours are available to match any Pantone colour or even a paint code from manufacturers such as Dulux on special order.

Gallo can even reproduce a colour from a swatch of wallpaper or fabric. Let Gallo complement your beautiful home or workspace.