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Smart Aircon & Heating

Automated Control of HVAC systems made easy with ELAN

ELAN Smart Climate Control

Comfort, Energy Savings & Management

With ELAN Climate control you can easily control the heating and cooling in your home.

Use touchscreens, smartphones, tablets, remote controls or even the ELAN onscreen display menu on your TV to set the perfect room temperature.

You can easily schedule the system to come on & turn off to suite your lifestyle.

Set back the temperature when going to bed at night and have the ELAN system warm up the home and bathrooms just before you get out of bed on a winters morning.

Customised scenes or events can be set to turn off the heating or cooling in the home when you leave the home.

With geolocation settings the system can be set to turn off air conditioners or heaters when the last person leaves the home.

Holiday mode will turn off all the heating and cooling for you until you return home.

You can use your smart phone while away to activate the home’s temperature just before you arrive home.

This is convenient and saves energy too.

Use your voice to control the temperature

Just Ask Google or Alexa

” Hey google set the bedroom temperature to 25 degrees”