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Smart Intercom Systems

Communicate with your home from anywhere in world

ELAN Intercom Anywhere

Whether at home or away your always InTouch with ELAN

With the ELAN Intercom you can talk between rooms, devices and the ELAN intelligent door station using the built-in video Intercom feature.

You can page through the speakers from any user device connected to the system. No more shouting up the stairs to call the kids to dinner.

The system will also send a push notification message to your phone if someone rings the doorbell.

You can even answer the door remotely from anywhere in the world, from your smartphone and let the person in.

The Elan intercom works with smart door locks, gates & garage doors.

Get a notification to let you know when a family member arrives home and disarms the alarm.

ELAN Intelligent Door Station

Convenience & Security at your front Door

The ELAN intelligent door station is so smart, it can detect if a person approaches & automatically notify you, turn on the pathway lights and begin recording when someone is approaching your door.

When someone rings the doorbell, it will ring through touchscreens, smartphones, tablets, the remote control and speakers in the home.

The colour light ring around the doorbell button can change colour to alert you when you arrive home if the alarm has been triggered or if the home is armed or disarmed.