Smarter, Safer, More Convenient Home Automation

It’s a chilly Winter’s evening and you’re wanting to plan a romantic evening with your loved one. As you leave work you log onto the ELAN app on your phone where you set the mood with ambient lighting, switch on your favorite romantic music, adjust the temperature in the home, close the curtains and switch on the wine cooler. Sound too good to be true? This and so much more are the possibilities for those who have an automating home.

Home automation systems have become increasingly popular in South Africa. Most people think that it is reserved for the rich and famous, owners of boutique hotels, and the insanely wealthy, but home automation has become more accessible and affordable over the past few years.

These days home automation is more than just a putting up a smart TV in your living room or having two-way light switches. Today home automation is designed to encompass every aspect of home living. From security and lighting to communication, pool maintenance, entertainment, and everything in between. This biggest attraction to home automation is that it offers convenience, safety, peace of mind, and the ultimate simplicity.

The ability to save energy and convert your home into a “green” environment is one of the largest trends influencing home automation these days. In most cases energy-efficient products represent cost savings, an important consideration these days given the state of electricity hikes in our country. Correct lighting, geyser and thermostat automation are among the key components in home automation that will contribute to significant energy savings.

Many South Africans find the home security aspect of home automation a huge benefit. With the touch of a button, the system can be integrated to view and control security camera’s on a person’s phone, laptop, or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Home Automation and how it works

Home automation has the ability to control and view the electrical and electronic systems in a household from your mobile device, from anywhere on the globe. Each device communicated with the ELAN home automation controller and is connected through the home network and Wi-Fi, for you to manage them from your smartphone or tablet. This includes devices such as your security system, cameras, curtains, blinds, irrigation systems, lights, entertainment appliances, and heating and so much more. An automated home makes the most sense, making life that much more convenient, secure, and even assists with savings on utilities.

Although we might still be a long way off from being able to use our smartphone to track down a lost sock, today’s home networks are capable of including an extremely large number of devices and systems.

How does home automation work?

There are three crucial elements to a home automation system, namely, sensors, controllers, and actuators.

– Sensors – can monitor changes in temperature, light, and motion. The system can then use the information to trigger events, like a light to turn on when you enter a bathroom, or let you know if a door is left open.

– Controllers – An ELAN smart home automation controller is the brains of your system and controls and manages all the smart home systems. Touchscreens, Computers, tablets, remote controls and smartphones are used to monitor and control the system.

– Actuators – refers to items such as switches and motors The home automation system can trigger these to turn on and off. They are specifically programmed to respond to certain commands from the controller. They can open and close the curtains or turn on the pool pump , turn off the geyser or turn your lights on or off.

Put simply, you literally speak to your automated home through a device or with your voice using a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google home, making it so easy to control almost every aspect of the house with the touch of a button. The range of control you have over your devices depends on the function of the device.

No matter your needs, now is an exciting time to automate your home. Technology advances have made home automation more accessible to more people. Creating a smart, intuitive home is easier and more affordable than ever before.

The benefits of home automation

If you are looking for a simpler, smarter, more streamlined home, consider the following benefits of installing a home automation system and begin to control every aspect of the house:

– Convenience: Imagine a world where lights automatically switch on at certain times of the day, irrigation systems are set to be activated at certain times and the underfloor heating is perfectly programmed so that you walk into a warm, comfortable home the moment you set foot through the door.

– Remote Access: Have the ability to control your home from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with the push of a button from anywhere in the world.

– Heightened Safety: With the use of smart fire detectors, pressure sensors, and various security features, home automation systems can help protect your home and loved ones from disaster.

– Energy efficiency: Be more conscious of your energy usage. Save on electricity by having control of the length of time that lights stay on. The home automation system can automatically turn off lights, heating and entertainment systems when you go out or away on holiday.

Costs of a home automation system

When it comes to automating your home, the cost is entirely dependent on the level of control you opt for. The good news is that there are many home automation solutions in the market and they have become more affordable over the years.

There are a variety of factors that need to be considered that will impact the final cost of your home automation system, these include:

·   The size of your home

·   The number of rooms

·   The number of devices or items you want control of

·   How sophisticated you want to go

There are a variety of options and solutions available to homeowners wanting to convert their homes into a smart home.

High-end automation systems are designed to carry high-end price tags, however, smaller systems are very reasonable for the amount of automation you can achieve.

Home automation can be made affordable by focusing only on one or two features such as lighting and security, and slowly building yourself up to a fully automated smart home.

Finance options are now available which make the systems a lot more affordable.

With the improvement in technology these days it has reduced pricing significantly, so home automation systems should be viewed together with your home as an investment, which adds a lot of value to your lifestyle.

We are in the business of providing customers with smarter, safer, and more convenient homes. A smart home gives you the convenience, control, and peace of mind you have been looking for.

Contact us today to get a fully integrated home automation system set up in your home. Our teams have years of experience in home automation systems and will assist with finding perfect solutions for your needs and budget.

Enjoy a more smart, convenient, and safe lifestyle with ELAN Home Automation Systems. 

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