ELAN Control Systems has recently updated their smart home controller line up.

The new controllers are a lot faster and more powerful than their predecessors with enough horsepower for current and future feature upgrades.

All the new EL-SC controllers come with a USB- Zwave antenna that allows for  easy installation of wireless Zwave sensors, switches, relays and dimmers that can be easily added to your ELAN system to control Lighting, Thermostats, plugs, pumps, shutters, garage doors and more.

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The EL-SC300 controller is the new ELAN flagship controller for medium to large homes. It replaces the gSC10 and has an HDMI 1080P onscreen display output for onscreen viewing and control of CCTV cameras, ELAN NVR control and control of your Entire system via the on screen interface. It also has an RCA stereo audio output for doorbell and paging features. New enhanced relays and sensors are also included. More features will be added via software upgrades as they become available.

The El-SC100 controller is ELAN’s entry level controller. Don’t let its small size fool you, it is powerful enough to run a large home. ELAN has introduced this controller as a scalable solution to control  Cinema, media room, boardroom, a small home or an apartment.

With an additional PRO-software license the full capability of the controller is unlocked for medium to large installations.

The SC100 also has an audio output for doorbell and paging features and a 1080P HDMI output for Onscreen display of the ELAN user interface and Cameras. This can be controlled using an ELAN EL-HR10 or EL-HR30 WiFi remote control.

The EL-SC200 control bundle includes the ELAN EL-SC100 System controller with the PRO unlock license and the ELAN EL-IO-200 Control extender.

This increases the amount of control ports of the system to control more devices via Infra-red, Relays , RS232 serial , RS485 and has new sense ports for 3rd party sensors to trigger or provide status to the system.

The EL-IO200 can be placed anywhere on the network.

The ELAN EL-SC100 is an affordable entry level solution and allows for easy future system upgrades for you to grow your system at your own pace.

The new ELAN controllers work seamlessly with the new ELAN IPD IP multiroom audio and video products, the award winning ITP 8 and 12″ intelligent touchscreens with facial recognition and Alexa voice control built in. ELAN works with other 3rd party systems like Aircon, heating, lighting, security , cameras, intercom and more to provide the latest cutting edge technology with a simple personalised experience that is so easy to use.


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